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Armenia Shirak

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Armenia Shirak

The Armenia-Shirak program will be implemented in the Northern region of Armenia and concentrated in two small cities of that province, Akhuryan and Maralik. The Shirak province is geographically mountainous and valley covered.

Until the 1988 earthquake both Maralik and Akhuryan had developed economies, especially the light industry. To this day, thousands of families still live in extreme poverty as a result of the devastation of this disaster. Coping mechanisms for this poverty have been emigration, humanitarian aid, and the high level of social solidarity, including remittances from the Armenian Diaspora.

This program supports two fledgling groups in raising, sharing and trading sheep and poultry to improve livelihoods. Selected families will be given the animals, feed, training and assistance with veterinary needs. They will pass on off spring back to the program after a determined period.

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