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Kenya Ndeiya
ADS - Mt Kenya

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Kenya Ndeiya

Ndeiya is a semi-arid area adjacent to the Great Rift Valley and is therefore susceptible to recurrent drought. Hardest hit by drought are female-headed households, landless people, internally displaced persons, children, people living with HIV, and orphan-headed households. As a result of the drought, many children no longer attend school as they join their parents in menial jobs which pay as low as $1 per day in order to have enough to eat. To address these issues, on-site farmer trainings and exchange trips promote no-till conservation agriculture and application of manure and crop residue to improve soil and water-retention qualities. Small animals such as rabbits, chickens, and dairy goats are provided to a limited number of households who are among the poorest of the poor. These families are “loaned” rabbits, dairy goats, and chickens from which they are expected to pass on offspring to other beneficiaries. Community changes in this six-year-long effort are already evident as community committees take responsibility for their membership, seek market outlets for rabbits and receive training from multiple complementary organizations. In 2014, students from Goshen Collge traveled to Ndeiya with FRB to film this short documentary about the impact of the program.

2015 will be the final year of this program and work will focus on strengthening the capacity of the community’s Project Management Committee (PMC) and the twenty farmer groups that were formed during the past three year's of this project.  The PMC has been registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) under the name “Ndeyia CBO” drawing membership from the twenty farmer groups. Each of the 20 groups has nominated one of their executive members to the PMC.  The twenty leaders will elect an executive committee, which will link each of the groups to the CBO.

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