Overseas Programs

Kenya Ngong Intashat

Pastoralist self help groups improve livestock, crops and access to water.

Kenya Ngong Najile

Capacity building of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in governance, agriculture and livestock management.

Kenya Tigania

Food Security, Savings and Lending, Nutrition and Sanitation

Kenya West Pokot

Drought tolerant crops, fruit and medicinal trees, agroforestry and bio-intensive farming.

Malawi Chingale

Community mobilization, maize production, crop diversification, irrigation, seed multiplication, agro-forestry, livestock and off farm income generation.

Mozambique Garden

Home gardening, cattle stocking, and environment preservation.

Rwanda Rubavu

The program will support nutrition, education, and planting activities thus improving the health and well being of the beneficiaries in the target area.